Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay, Royal Princess, Celebrity Constellation

I’ve just returned from Bermuda where I was again struck by the beauty of the island’s South Shore beaches. These lie in a line along the south west coast and have the island’s patented pale pink sand. The waters that lap upon the beaches are turquoise in color. To add some drama, there are periodic rock outcroppings that rise up vertically from the water and/or sand.

The most popular and best known of the South Shore beaches is Horseshoe Bay. It is quite large and has the most facilities of this group of beaches including a place to snack and a place to rent umbrellas and beach chairs.

Horseshoe Bay is not far from the Royal Naval Dockyard where essentially all the cruise ships dock these days. The cruise lines offer transfers to Horseshoe Bay. However, there are a number of other alternatives. Therefore, I’ve put together an article with some information about how to get to Horseshoe Bay. It is posted at

While Horseshoe Bay is the most popular of the beaches, some of the neighboring beaches are even prettier. Chaplin’s Bay, Stonehole Bay, Jobson’s Cove and Warwick Long Bay have the pink sand, the dramatic rock formations and the added advantage of being more secluded. They are linked together by a sand trail that I’ve walked many times. I’ve put together a video showing some of the vistas along the way.

Last Friday was the first anniversary of the naming of Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess by the Duchess of Cambridge. Accordingly, in honor of Royal Princess’ first birthday, we present a photo feature showing the ship in St. Maarten and in Southampton during her recent eastbound transatlantic crossing.

We also have a photo feature and video showing Celebrity Constellation leaving Fort Lauderdale and sailing out at sea. The photo feature is at and the video is at

Bermuda's South Shore beaches

Bermuda’s South Shore beaches


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