Norwegian Cruise Line Private Island Great Stirrup Cay; Costa Luminosa

Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian Cruise line's private island

Great Stirrup Cay


Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island Great Stirrup Cay has been undergoing a dramatic transformation. Located in the Bahamas, GSC was the first island to be purchased by a cruise line.


Over the years, Norwegian did not do very much to develop the property. As a result, a call at GSC was something of a castaway experience. Guests landed on the island’s only beach on landing craft military-style. There were a few wooden huts that housed a bar and a dining pavilion. There wasn’t much there but it was usually a fun day.


Since 2010, Norwegian has invested more than $30 million in GSC. There is now a harbor where the tenders land. The original beach has been significantly improved and there are now three more new beaches with fluffy white sand. New concrete buildings contain bars, a snorkel shop, and a Bahamian market. Another building houses the dining facility and several neighboring pavilions are equipped with picnic tables for having lunch. There is also a pavilion where guests can wait out of the sun before boarding tenders back to the ship. The developed area has been landscaped with palm trees and lawn.


The transformation continues. Construction work is taking place on the other side of the island and at the edge of the developed area. Indeed, it is difficult to keep up with all of the improvements, the island changes so fast.


Our updated and expanded photo tour of Great Stirrup Cay begins at


Also, this week, we have added a new mini-profile of Costa Cruises’ Costa Luminosa. This goes along with a photo essay showing Costa Luminosa in various ports.



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