Allure of the Seas – Interviews, reviews, photos and video

Allure of the Seas, cruise ship


When I first went on Allure of the Seas, I was very impressed. I had been on her sister ship Oasis of the Seas before. However, there was such a great spirit and energy to the ship. That added to all of the ship’s entertainment and dining options made for a great cruise experience.


Of course, that was the ship’s maiden voyage. The ship was just out of the shipyard and there was all of the excitement that goes along with a ship’s entry into service. I wondered if she would be able to maintain that energy. When people like maritime historian Bill Miller came back from sailing on Allure and said they were impressed, I was hopeful.


When I recently returned to Allure, I was not disappointed. Several of the key players who brought the ship into service had moved on but many remained. The spirit remained.


There had been a few changes but they were more in the way of refinements than major changes.


Allure is very much a new model cruise ship. Traditionally, an evening on a cruise ship revolved around two seatings in the main dining room and two shows in the main theater. On Allure, you have a variety of alternative dining venues including complimentary venues. You also have several high quality entertainment options each evening.


People have a number of misconceptions about Allure. Some are intimidated by the thought of going on a ship that carries some 6,000 guests. However, the people flow on the ship keeps it from feeling crowded. With all of the various alternatives, people spread out.


I’ve also heard people say that they don’t like the idea that you have to make a reservation for the major entertainment offerings. The fact is that the ship encourages guests to make reservations but you do not have to make reservations. I went to a number of shows without reservations.


I’ve added quite a lot of material to the Allure of the Seas section of Beyondships. To begin we have an interview with Captain Johnny Faevelen. Captain Johnny is something of a legend among Royal Caribbean fans. He rides a motorcycle in ports of call and carries a parrot around the ship. However, he is also known for his seamanship and management abilities. We spoke about Allure and about the importance of being a visible presence among the passengers.


When I first sailed on Allure, Joao Mendonca was the Food and Beverage Manager. He has now been promoted to Hotel Director. Part of the ship’s original team, Joao understands what Allure is all about. We spoke about maintaining and elevating the “Wow” that Allure delivers.


We also now have a menus page with menus from the main dining room and the specialty restaurants. There is also a page with copies of the Cruise Compass from Allure.


We’ve also added a guide to the alternative breakfast venues on Allure. You don’t have to go to the main dining room or the buffet restaurant to have a good breakfast.


In addition, we have a new photo feature and video of Allure in various ports and at sea.



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