Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Jewel – – Photos, video reviews

Norwegian Jewel cruise ship

Norwegian Jewel

This week the focus is on Norwegian Cruise Line.

First, I have a number of items from a recent weekend cruise that I did on Norwegian Breakaway. This was the ship’s first short cruise since her inaugural cruises. It was also out of New York in the dead of winter. How would a ship with so many outdoor facilities cope with the winter weather. Our review is at

One of the great things about sailing out of New York in winter is that darkness has usually fallen by the time the ship sails. On a clear, crisp night the lights of the city sparkle and the cruise down the river is an almost mystical voyage. Some video highlights are at

Then we have added two reviews to our profile of Breakaway. The first looks at the Manhattan Room, which is not your run of the mill main dining room. I also recount my experience getting a haircut on Breakaway.

In addition to the material on Breakaway, we have a photo feature and a video of Norwegian Jewel arriving in Cozumel, Mexico. In it, we see the ship underway and arriving at the pier.

We are also hoping to have some new items relating to Norwegian Getaway’s arrival in New York. Keep an eye on our what’s new page.


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