Royal Princess – – Speaking with the Captain and Hotel Manager; Reviews

Captain Dino Sagani and Hotel General Manager Dirk Brandt of Royal Princess

Captain Dino Sagani and Hotel General Manager Dirk Brandt



This week we talk to two of the people who are responsible for running Royal Princess, Princess Cruises’ newest ship.


Captain Dino Sagani is a veteran Princess captain. We spoke with him about Royal Princess from a nautical perspective. He explained that the ship is not just innovative in its passenger amenities but also as marine technology. Among other things, Royal Princess is more fuel efficient and has more safety systems than previous cruise ships. Our conversation with Captain Sagani is at


We also spoke Hotel General Manager Dirk Brand. On a cruise ship, the hotel department provides just about everything that makes up the guests’ cruise experience including the accommodations, the dining, and the entertainment. Mr. Brand not only has manged Royal Princess’ hotel department since the ship went into service but he was at the shipyard creating that department. Thus, he is in a unique position to talk about what the cruise experience on Royal Princess is all about and to point out some of the new features and amenities guests will encounter onboard.


One feature that has been enhanced on Royal Princess is The Sanctuary. This is an adults-only retreat dedicated to pampering and relaxation. There are Sanctuaries on the other Princess ships. But like many things on Royal Princess, this one is larger and has more features than those on the earlier ships. We gave it a try and our review is at


Another enhanced venue is Alfredo’s Pizzeria. Most cruises ships have a pizzeria but not like this one. Indeed, Alfredo’s is so different from the type of pizzeria that guests expect to find on a cruise ship that Royal Princess has another pizzeria that is designed to meet such expectations. Alfredo’s is a sit-down restaurant that serves gourmet, authentic Italian-style pizza. As discussed in our review, it is quite amazing.



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