Norwegian Breakaway Profile and Photo Tour

Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship

Norwegian Breakaway


The reason why Norwegian Breakaway is an important ship tends to be obscured by her size, all of the new features aboard the ship, the Peter Max painting on her hull and by Norwegian Cruise Line’s decision to base its new ship, not in Florida but rather in New York City. She is an important ship because she is a further refinement on a new model of cruising.

Traditionally, an evening on a passenger ship involved going to dinner and then a show in the ship’s theater or show lounge. When you did these things was pretty much dictated by the cruise line. Everyone was assigned to one of two seatings in the main dining room. There were two shows each evening geared to the dinner times, i.e., a show for the early seating and a show for the late seating. All of this generally worked fine but there was not much freedom of choice.

Several years ago Norwegian Cruise Line put a deep crack in this model by dispensing with the assigned seatings in the main dining room and giving guests the option of coming to the dining room when they wanted. They also built an array of specialty restaurants on their ships so that guests did not have to go to the main dining room at all if they choose. Nearly all of the major cruise lines followed with their own flexible dining systems and by adding specialty restaurants to their ships.

While guests now had freedom of choice with regard to dining, their options with regard to entertainment remained somewhat limited. Although there was always a piano player in one of the bars or a band in one of the lounges, the big entertainment event of the evening remained the two shows in the main theater.

The first ship to break from this was Oasis of the Seas in late 2009. She was followed a few months later by Norwegian Epic and then by Oasis’ sister ship Allure of the Seas. What these ships did was give guests quality entertainment alternatives. The show in the main theater was not the only entertainment event going on each evening. In addition, the shows in the various entertainment venues were repeated, usually at different times, over the course of the cruise so that a guest does not have to worry that if I don’t see the show tonight, I’ll never get to see it. Under this new model, guests have freedom of choice not only with regard to dining but also with regard to entertainment.

Norwegian Breakaway builds upon Norwegian Epic. Among the entertainment offerings are full productions of Broadway shows, a Cirque Dreams dinner theater, a comedy club featuring Second City, and blues concerts by recording artist Slam Allen. There are also the usual entertainment additions such as live music in the bars, films, game shows, karaoke and deck parties. Lots of choices.

Breakaway is not just a re-make of Epic. Most notably, she has an open outdoor promenade with restaurants and bars. This feature opens the ship up and works not only in port but surprisingly well at sea in the warm weather. Not to forget dining, Norwegian has added a new specialty restaurant, Ocean Blue, developed with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. This is an upscale seafood restaurant that has the same New York sophistication as Chef Zakarian’s venues in the City.

Thus, Norwegian Breakaway is not just another new cruise ship.

Our profile page for Breakaway, with menus, daily programs, deck plans and other information is at

We also have a photo tour that takes you through the ship’s public areas, open decks and accommodations. It is longer than most of our ship photo tours because there is so much to see on Breakaway. The photo tour begins at

More next week on Breakaway.



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