Photo essay – Cruise ships in Southampton; FAQ cruise ship size and crowding

Cruise ship Azura in Southampton

Cruise ship Azura in Southampton

Southampton in southern England is a great place for cruise ship enthusiasts. Not only do quite a few ships call there during the warmer months but there are several places around the harbor from which you can get a good view or photograph the ships. There always seem to be a few people around taking photos as the time for the ships to sail draws near.

This week, we have a series of pictorials of ships that were in Southampton when I visited there in May. The ships covered include: Oriana and Oceana of P&O Cruises; three sister ships – – Ventura, Azura and Crown Princess; and Queen Mary 2, Celebrity Eclipse and MSC Opera. I have also tried to give bits of information about each of the ships. The pictorials begin at

We also have a new FAQ. I often find that people are under the impression that the larger the ship is, the more people it will have onboard and thus there will be more lines and crowding. However, the fact is that there is no absolute correlation between size and number of passengers. There are very large ships that have much fewer passengers than smaller ships. In addition, the fact that one ships has more people than another does not necessarily mean more lines and more crowding. This topic is discussed at


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