Cruising New York, Boston, Canada and New England

Spring has finally come to the northeastern United States. Leaves are on the trees and the flowering plants are in bloom.

With the Spring, the northeastern cruising season begins. Ships come up from their winter bases in Florida and the ships that stay the winter in the northeast start to change their itineraries to include places like Bermuda, Canada and New England.

Accordingly, this week our focus is on two of the great northeastern cruise centers – – New York and Boston. Both ports not only are cruise embarkation ports but they are great cruise destinations to visit.

A spectacular part of a cruise out of New York is the trip out of the harbor. This is especially so for ships leaving out of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal (a.k.a. The Passenger Ship Terminal). The view of the Manhattan from the Hudson River and from the bay is awe inspiring. It unfolds majestically as the ship slowly moves down the river and out of the harbor. So many of the City’s famous landmarks pass by as the ship.

Accordingly, we have put together a photo essay showing some of the sights that you see sailing out of New York harbor and telling a little bit about each one. It is posted at

Boston is a great cruise port as well. There is so much history and culture there to see. Therefore, we have expanded the Boston cruise destination section of Beyondships. It begins at

An unusual shore excursion that I went on the last time I was in Boston was a visit to Fenway Park. Bostonians are avid baseball fans and Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox. It is a great place to watch a game. However, this visit was on a day when the Red Sox were out of town. Nonetheless, seeing this beloved Boston institution and listening to tales of games gone by was a fascinating experience.

To tie our coverage of these two great cities, we also have a short video of Caribbean Princess sailing from Boston’s Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.


Caribbean Princess in Boston

Caribbean Princess in Boston

Finally, we have added an index of our profiles of the various cruise destinations that are visited on a New England/Canada cruise.


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