Carnival Magic Photo Review and Profile

Carnival Magic at sea.

Carnival Magic has an impressive look.  Yes, the basic design dates back to Carnival Destiny but over the years the design has grown, becoming taller, wider and longer.  As a result, the proportions are better.  She looks mightier, more filled-out.

 Inside Magic carries forward the innovations made with the first ship in the class Carnival Dream.  For example, she has the OceanPlaza, where the interior promenade meets with the outdoorLanai.

 But Magic also has her own innovations.  The balcony level of the buffet restaurant has been turned into an Italian specialty restaurant called La Cucina della Capitano – – the Kitchen of the Captain.  The navigation officers on the Carnival ships have traditionally been fromItaly and this is a tribute to that heritage, combining popular Italian fare with a décor inspired by an Italian sea captain’ home.  There are some nice paintings of Carnival ships by maritime artist Stephen Card on the walls.

 Another new feature is the Red Frog Pub – Carnival’s first pub.  However, it is not an English pub like you find on numerous ships but rather a Caribbean-inspired pub.  It has its own brand of beer as well as seating both indoors and on the Lanai.

 The highlight of the new sports area is the Sky Course, where guests can swing from ropes suspended high over the deck.  Well, some guests can.

 Overall, Magic has a bright and bold atmosphere.  The color scheme is somewhat different than Carnival Dream and the public rooms do not have the imaginative artistic references of earlier Carnival ships.  However, the overall effect is pleasing and contusive to a fun cruise experience.

 Beyondship’s profile page for Carnival Magic, with menus, daily programs and other information, is at  The multi-page photo tour of the ship begins at


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